1956 AUG

Incorrect prices being published in the newspaper.

1956 OCT

Pilfering at city markets. Goods missing out of containers (still happens today).


Still a great deal of concern over parking at city markets, carriers getting preference over retailers when parking at the loading ramp at the city markets.


Private buyers at markets a problem again.

Container charges – Banana cases were wooden ones with a division in the middle. 3d usage paid by both growers and retailers, (Paid 1/- at floor and 9d on return to case company).

1958 NOV

Unfair prices at auction. Following points to be brought forward before a meeting with Turners management:

a) No passing of lines (i.e. all goods to be sold and not held).

b) One bid only for Auctioneer and to be defined by him.

c) Nomination of amount at bid.

d) Refusal by Auctioneer to accept initial bid.

e) Amount of line to be sold before passing in.

f) Question of bids on behalf of orders held by auctioneers.

g) Balances to be put up for resale.

h) Booking out and surcharge.

Ring buying of concern by growers and the Government.

a) Nominate one buyer to cover more than one auction (sickness).

b) Private buyers biggest culprit in leaving unwanted produce behind on market floor.

c) Denial by auctioneers forcing prices up.

d) That it was within the law to have a reserve price.

e) Special committee meeting called for to discuss merchants proposals for auction rules. Matter to go to Federation for consideration.

Letter received from the Minister of Industry & Commerce re auctioneers of fruit and vegetables. Remedies to problems available under the “Sales and Goods Act 1908”.

Moveable loading ramp proposed to help alleviate problem of space for trucks at city markets.


Bananas very slow coming up from the cellar. Retailers paid ripening fee of 4/6. Idea of a lift put in to help speed up delivery.

Congestion at loading docks. Stairway to be erected instead of ramp, led to greater amount of congestion through retailers having to leave wheel barrows on the ramp and then loading trucks accordingly. Ramps again in favour.

Elevator erected by Turners & Growers (June 1961) to bring bananas up from cellar – speeds up delivery.


Separate loading facilities for trucks at FCC – tailboard and side loading.

Calls for the Fruit Case Company to open one hour before the sale starts.

Calls also for market staff to be on the floor of markets one hour before the sale starts.

Xmas auction held on Saturday 22 December 1979 – who remembers that.

1979 DEC

Motion passed, “That when purchases are not available for delivery, then market firms either replace goods or give full credit plus a 50% loss of profit allowance within 48 hours”. REJECTED.

Set of auction rules still sought after May 1980.

Market reports – alter the word “Cheap” for “plentiful supplies” and “good buying” from your fruit and vegetable retailer.

1980 OCT

Auction for summer period begins at 7.3Oam.

1982 MAR

Motion put and carried that markets reorganize their floor for sample selling.

1982 OCT

Call for FDL and NZAPB lines sold to the public to be at higher prices.

1982 NOV

Auction stands outside “P Bay” are made continuous, eliminating danger to buyers.

1983 AUG

New auction stands erected at T & G. Top platform widened in the interest safety.

1985 MAR

Call for markets to follow times of markets around the world – early start an abolition of the ‘blank cheque” system.

1985 AUG

Call for reinstatement of window for cash buyers.


Sees not only the auction system but also brokerage. Sample selling of all produce takes place at I & G.

New market opens in opposition to existing markets (5 March 1989) in downtown area.

1989 SEP

Ban on smoking at markets to he looked at.

1990 JUN

Container charge to be shown as a condition of sale.

1990 MAY

Meeting with T & G management representatives and some of their working staff to iron out problems, a great step forward.

1990 AUG

Proposal to sell tomatoes by the kilo squashed.

Auckland Produce Exchange closes for business 19 June 1990.

1993 MAR

Markets move to Mt Wellington.