The Official Organ of The N.Z. Federation of Retail Fruiterers and Greengrocers Incorporated


Since we last went to press several businesses have changed hands in Auckland. Mr J Kunac recently tendered his resignation to the Association due to fact that he had sold his business and is entering into retirement. Mr Kunac has been in business for the past 25 years in Auckland and has been a member of the Committee for the past 18 years.

At the last committee meeting Mr Kunac was the recipient of a presentation from the Association. Mr Roe, in making the presentation, said that he had known Mr Kunac for the past 20 years during which time he had always been a good loyal supporter of the Association and, furthermore, he had never missed a committee meeting.

Mr Jonkers also spoke of the great enthusiasm and regular attendance at committee meetings and regular attendance at committee meetings to Mr Kunac. His ultimate knowledge of the trade had been of great assistance to the committee and the Association and, Mr Jonkers added, he was sure that the members of the Auckland Association would all wish him a happy and prosperous retirement. Mr Kunac, in reply, said he was really sorry to leave the trade and he thanked the Association for their kind thought in making this presentation. He also urged members to work for the common good of the trade, and to keep the Association strong as he could well remember the time when there was no Association and the haphazard methods of business and price cutting were definatelv against the interests of the individual fruiterer.

Social and Dance

It has been decided to hold a Social and Dance on the 11th of November in the Manchester Unity Hall and it is hoped that all the Auckland members will attend to make this function a success. it is intended to make this an annual event.

New Members

The following new members have joined the association: Mr Williamson, Mr. W J Scott, Mrs. Haddow, Mr. R Eves.

On the way back to Auckland from me federation Conrererice, Mr. Roe we and Mr Muirhead called in at Napier and Hastings, also Wairoa and Gisborne, and interviewed fruiterers in these centres in an endeavour to get them to re-form their Associations to link up with the Federation, and they are pleased to report that they were well received and it would appear that these centres will soon have their Associations again in full swing.