Difficulties with quotas of bananas, oranges and lemons, very hot topic. These lines could only be sold when the shop was opened.

Price controls were on imported fruit, i.e. retail prices were set by the Government.

Proposal for a new company to import bananas and oranges. The beginning of FDL.

Call for the abolition of quota system and allowances for bad fruit.

Price discrepancies on fruit sold at fixed prices, sometimes being reduced in price on the same day.

Oranges – not held in cool store and coming onto the market quicker than the public demand – letter to FDL requesting that they store oranges at their expense and be released as required.

Banana and orange quotas based on the amount of produce bought over a two month period.

Still a great deal of concern over the amount of wastage in Island oranges, wanting a reduction in the price to compensate. Quick release of Californian oranges as well to eliminate waste of that product as well.

Profit margin on retail price of bananas too low. Remit to be sent to Federation to seek increase with price tribunal.

Retailers had to take Island oranges or miss out on Australian oranges.

1960 APR

Hawaiian pineapples available. FDL prefers to import these as against Australian and Island pineapple because of quality.

Resolution: that FDL and merchants be approached with the proposal to have 6d levy on each case of bananas sold. Half of the funds to be spent on advertising with the balance returned to the Association on per case sold per area basis

Banana levy meets with opposition from FDL as they see it as a tax on a commodity that could be passed onto the public.

Imported oranges allocated to retailers and then later auctioned, considered unfair.

1985 AUG

Pineapples and grapes sold at set prices.


After submissions presented to Government, FDL no longer holds monopoly on imported fruits. Results in better availability of certain fruits – grapes and pineapples.