Controlled trading hours were in existence, some shops breaking rules and being reported to the Secretary for contravening “The Shops and Offices Act”.

Price tribunal regulations in existence (i.e. price controls). Strict policing, one shop receiving 15-16 summons for breaches and not displaying price tickets.

1952 JUN

Proposed legislation allowing growers to sell on Sundays.

Public enquiry into price control policy called by the Minister of Industry and Commerce (Mr Watts).

Shops opened 8am Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, and 7am Friday. Closed 6pm and 12pm on Saturday.

Proposal to close one day annually for Trade picnic.

1954 AUG

Raid on dairies that were selling frozen foods on a Sunday and send lists of names to the Police Department.

Continuous calls to Labour Department for officers to police illegal trading after hours, especially on public holidays and in the country.


Government to look at after hours trading by dairies and shops.

Problems with press reports of market prices being incorrect.

1955 NOV

Potatoes no longer a price controlled product.

1957 MAR

Shop owner in Ponsonby seeks permission from Executive to open shop earlier so as to deliver orders to fishing boats before the required opening hours. Executive declines application on grounds of setting a precedent.

Trade Emblem printed and issued to fully paid financial members.

Competition from large firms affecting retailers i.e. Woolworths

(18 October 1957) circular letter. Preferential treatment to Woolworths by

Produce Markets.

Committee appears to have a good working relationship with trade council officers, especially with regards to shop trading hours and with the shop assistants union.

1957 JUN

Special General Meeting: 150 in attendance re gazetted notice under Shops and offices Act – that all fruit and vegetable lines were added to the exempt list (previously only tomatoes, lettuces and strawberries). Meeting closed with a resolution that an urgent telegram be sent to the Federation president asking for an immediate meeting of the Federation council to be followed with an inter view with the Minister of Labour.

1957 AUG

Meeting resolved that Association petition Parliament to revoke recent order in council relating to the inclusion of all fruit and vegetables on the exemption list.

Resolution seeking that pre-packaged fruit and produce be removed from weights and measures regulations to allow for shrinkage.

Remit seeking removal of price order on sack and bag containers.

1957 SEP

Meeting with Association, Queen Street and K’Road fruit retailers with regard to competition from Woolworths Ltd and with preferential treatment for them by Produce Markets Ltd.

Mt Roskill Borough Council revokes Hawkes licence other boroughs requested to do likewise.


Wing Kee – new shop open in K’Road. Open all Saturday afternoons – great concern to other retailers, deputation to see him to close earlier. At a count there were nine Chinese and one Indian fruiterer in K’Road.

1959 APR

Shop and Offices Act: Minister sympathetic towards delegation and agreeing the retail fruiterers hours of 58 per week was ample for the consuming public.

Opening after permitted hours always a constant problem, offenders reported to Labour Department, taken to court and fined.

School boys hired at 3/- per hour after school for doing deliveries of goods purchased by customers.

1960 NOV

Large number of empty second hand cases in stock and no demand till growing season.

Association decides to pay 6d on second hand containers as from 5 December 1960 or offer owing to the accute position that exists in the Auckland province.

Retailers gain 3d reduction in the cost of banana cases.

Stone, pipfruit and citrus fruit are added to the list of exempted foods.

1965 SEP

Complaint to Radio 1ZB re prices quoted on the radio as incorrect, do not contain container charges. Broadcast ceases.

1967 APR

Reports of an Auction Room selling fruit and vegetables amongst second hand furniture. Taken up with Takapuna Health Department.

“Don’t Squeeze Me” cards still available at 5 cents each.

1972 AUG

Top pay rates for males $54.50. Females – 75% of male amount (as at August 1972).


Remit that lemons be made available on a free selling basis.


TV 1 features Fruit and Veggies each Wednesday evening. “Market Place” the name of the programme.

1979 NOV

Unregistered users of hired containers to only receive half refunds on crates.

Five cent levy on banana goes on Auction bananas as well as those sold at set price.

1985 MAY

Call to reinstate TV1’s Top Half programme where Fruit and Vegetables had a promotional slot filmed at the city markets.

1985 AUG

Banana levy goes to eight cents per carton as from April 1986.


10 kg plastic container comes into being.

1990 SEP

Proposal of five cent levy for promotional purposes.